Maximize Productivity Even While Procrastinating

How to work with your bad habits and still meet goals

Rachel D Adams


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We all do it. We mean well. We set aside time to write or do a chore, and then it all just sits while we go do something else. I’ll get lost in social media or begin playing with my playlists for my mood music, play around with the graphics maker, or even begin chores.

What I don’t give myself credit for is that I am accomplishing something most of the time. I’m just not accomplishing exactly what I set out to do. Why?

Sometimes our brains just are not ready to do what we need to get done. And when that happens, you will come up with anything you can think of as an excuse not to work on your A — NUMBER ONE goal.

I’m publishing this list because these are methods I use to either overcome my self-imposed obstacles or work with my procrastination to get a better outcome than just running off the rails.

State your goals and what you need to do to accomplish them.

My first rule for being productive despite my neurodivergent brain is to always have 2–3 goals in mind and keep an entire list of activities that can get you closer to your goals. I do this in a notebook — giving each goal a page, and the lines beneath it are the possible activities I need to do to work toward that goal.

A screenshot of my NOTION Goal listing. The links lead to digital kanban boards.

I also use a Kanban board, but you don’t have to go that far. It depends upon if you want to get that visual or if you can manage check marks on your list as you get things done. I make my boards quarterly, so there’s usually only a couple of hours of work going into it for the entire quarter.

If you feel burnout or need a change, choose another task from a different goal.

Anyway, the reason you need this is so that if you get in one of those moods wherein you are just not feeling like doing a certain task, you can do something different. If you feel like you may be getting burned out as you work on a goal, you have this…



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