If you don’t talk about science, religion, politics and history, you are doing yourself a disservice and setting a dangerous example for those who learn from you.

Refusing to learn about and discuss these topics creates an ignorance that can lead to fear of the unknown, misunderstanding of the unknown, and manipulation by people who will use your ignorance against you.

Stop buying in to the mantra of “Everything’s fine in my life, so why discuss this or learn about it? It will only cause people to get upset.”

If someone is getting upset because of a subject, that’s all…

I’ve joined a lot of groups, some of which have become support groups for people who are stuck in situations with family that have shown their true faces this past few years. In one of these groups, a woman lamented the idea of losing a friend she had enjoyed for over two decades — because the woman will not let go of the theories that the new president is evil incarnate and that this country is being taken over by immigrants and people of color. …

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Some people have a loud voice and others of us speak only when we need to. Those that speak when we need to speak, we’re cautious and sometimes we’re quiet, because we know speaking comes with consequences. Do you want to know why some people are quiet most of the time?

It’s never that they have nothing to say.

I’ve been asked for advice by people, only to have those people not take my advice and then stay mute in my life because they were embarrassed or even angry that I had been correct. I’m not someone that gets in…

When you call someone out on bad behavior, that is not shaming them. Do not let them make you feel bad for speaking the truth to their ears.

When you point out bad behavior to another person, you are making them face the truth of their actions and words.

If they feel ashamed, good! That means they recognize the truth, can learn from it, and grow. If they refuse to acknowledge their wrong doing, they will not learn from it or grow into a better person.

No one is perfect. Acknowledge, learn, and grow.

Just something I decided to write…

I‘ve seen so many people want to baby Trump and his administration and the Republican Congress on my Facebook Page. Why?

These same people have liked and even commented on wanting changes made to their particular industry. They want affordable healthcare or healthcare available for them when they need it, no matter what. They want more than minimum wage. They want the wage/tipping system to be changed. They want a better government response to emergencies. They want the best lives for those working hard to get that!

These are not bad people. However, they will still blindly follow someone who…

— I had lost this story somehow and recently found it in one of my files on the older computer. I wanted to reshare it, even if the spotlight has moved on.

It is not just YOUR history. YOUR ancestors were not the only ones there. You and your ancestors are not the only ones who have a valid opinion here.
Let me start by repeating from this armchair historian’s heart, what I have said in the past:

If a monument is raised memorializing the unjust cause of a war, or a traitor to this country, or to further remind…

The other night, I was just meandering through FB because my brain refused sleep at nearly 3am. The melatonin hadn’t kicked in yet. Anyway, I noticed a post by someone that made me smile. It wasn’t the normal wicked grin or the happy laughter. It was the smile of a middle aged woman who sees that someone is having to eat humble pie. I’ve not mentioned a name, because I realized… this could be “any-person” you know the same concept as Dante used. There are so very many of these people out there. But let me continue.

The post was…

I’m going to link you to may main website so you can read this “From the Author” post there. Before I do that, I would like to thank those that have followed me on here this year. it means a lot to me that you would do so. I am still delving into this service and plan on releasing most of my work for publication as I go. I just need to update to a partner in Medium and that takes me opening my own bank account, something I’ve not had time to do this year.

The link: https://racheldadams.com/a-new-week-in-a-new-year/


According to some people, if you don’t have a fully functional listing of official ethics, you are not ethical. I find that to be incorrect. I have never needed a book of rules to tell me what is wrong or proper.

Religion has always been something I could not wrap my mind around, especially coming from the background that I came from. I was raised in a Missionary Baptist family and then joined into the Friendship Freewill Baptist mentality, because it was less condemnation over foolish things. But, as I studied more and more about history and religion, the blinders…

Watching the votes for the decision to open and continue the Impeachment Inquiry. And I have to say that, I don’t care how much I like a President, if I were a Representative and I thought there was ANY possible “hinky” business going on between him, his appointed officials, and a foreign nation — I’d at the very least want an inquiry or an investigation. I could NEVER just blindly follow someone off a cliff.

The United States flag in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Boston, Massachusetts; photographed by Rachel Adams October 2, 2016

This is my country. No one is above an investigation. If you’re innocent, it’ll be proven. If you’re guilty, get the hell out! No party…

Rachel D Adams

(She/her) a writer of multiple genres, ally, I’m not to be mistaken for a well-behaved woman.

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